Journal articles

Sinclair, GM, O’Brien AL, Keough MJ, De Souza DP, Dayalan S, Kanojia K, Kouremenos K, Tull DL., Coleman RA, Jones OAH, Long SM (2019) Metabolite Changes in an Estuarine Annelid Following Sublethal Exposure to a Mixture of Zinc and Boscalid. Metabolites 9(10): 229.

Sinclair GM, O’Brien AL, Keough MJ, De Souza DP, Dayalan S, Kanojia K, Kouremenos K, Tull DL., Coleman RA, Jones OAH, Long SM (2019) Using metabolomics to assess the sub-lethal effects of zinc and boscalid on an estuarine polychaete worm over time. Metabolomics 15(8):108.

O’Brien AL, Dafforn KA, Chariton AA, Johnston EL, Mayer-Pinto MM. (2019). After decades of stressor research in coastal marine ecosystems the focus is still on single stressors: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis. Science of the Total Environment. 684:753-764.

Van den Brink P, Bracewell SA, Bush A, Chariton AA, Choung C, Compson Z, Dafforn KA, Korbel K, Lapen D, Mayer-Pinto MM, Monk W, O’Brien AL, Rideout N, Schäfer R, Sumon K, Verdonschot R, Baird D (2019). Towards a general framework for the assessment of interactive effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems: Results from the Making Aquatic Ecosystems Great Again (MAEGA) workshop. Science of the Total Environment. 684:722-726.

Morris, L., O’Brien, A.L., Natera, S., Lutz, A., Roessner, U., Long, S. (2018) Structural and functional measures of marine microbial communities: an experiment testing application to oil spill management. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 131:525-529. Part A.

O’Brien, A.L. (2017) What are the roadblocks to using population models in ecotoxicology studies? Marine Pollution Bulletin. 124:5-8.

O’Brien, A.L., Morris, L., Keough, M.J. (2016) Rapid invertebrate responses to macroalgal wrack: two novel field experiments on intertidal mudflats in southern Australia. Marine Ecology. 38(1):e12391.

O’Brien, A.L., Townsend, K., Hale, R., Sharley, D., Pettigrove, V. (2016) How is ecosystem health defined and measured? A critical review of freshwater and estuarine studies. Ecological Indicators.69:722-729.

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O’Brien, A.L., Ross, D. Jeff, Keough, M.J. (2006) Effects of Sabella spallanzanii physical structure on soft sediment macrofaunal assemblages. Marine Freshwater and Research. 57:363-371.

Book chapters

O’Brien AL, Dafforn KA, Chariton AA, Airoldi, L, Schäfer R, Mayer-Pinto MM (in preparation) Multiple stressors (Chapter 14) In Marine Pollution. Editor: Reichelt-Brushett, A.


Evarad, V., Eate, V., Woodland, R., Ross, J., O’Brien, A., Keough, M., Longmore, A., Wilson, R., Cook, P. (2013) Nutrient processing on tidal flats in Western Port: interactions with ecology and implications for Bay-wide nutrient budgets. A report prepared for Melbourne Water. 


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